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Wednesday morning (May 12), Joe Budden went on a fiery rant about the future of the “Joe Budden Podcast” and his frustrations with co-hosts Rory and Mal. In addition to calling the pair “lazy,” he told an absent Rory that he was in breach of contract and not welcome to return.


Mal and Rory’s absence from today’s show may have been a good thing: During recent episodes, Rory has repeatedly said he’s down to have a fistfight with Joe. While Joe may have brushed it off as jokes, fans who had seen the tension brewing for some time argued that Rory was really down to throw hands.

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Being personally insulted is never a fun experience, especially when its done on-air. Here are a few moments when broadcasts turned into beef.

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1. Tupac Goes Off On The Hughes Brothers

In the early 90s, Tupac’s music career was on the up. In addition to gaining radio spins, the actor was also getting his fair share of movie scripts. Unfortunately, the actor’s assault on the Hughes Brothers cost him his freedom (he spent 15 days in jail) and the a role in the brother’s classic West Coast film, Menace II Society. Pac spoke about the incident during an episode of Yo! MTV Raps, and he held nothing back.

2. Puff Daddy Trades Words With The LOX

Although The LOX achieved popularity as part of Bad Boy’s roster, they felt Puff’s glossy rebranding of the group didn’t quite capture the essence of their gritty sound. After a hard-fought effort to leave the label, they were handed their walking papers and found a new home alongside DMX and The Ruff Ryders. However, the trio still had a bone to pick with Diddy years later: Disgruntled over contracts they’d signed years prior, they didn’t mix words about their publishing woes during a call with Puff.

3. Sway Has To Check An Emotional Kanye

Kanye has never his hid emotions. Is part of what makes his music great, but it probably doesn’t feel so good when you’re on the receiving end of one of his outbursts. Sway, a longtime friend of Yeezy, listened as the rapper insulted his attempts at a fashion line, and grew louder when challenged. Fed up by Kanye’s disrespect, he took back command of the interview and demanded his respect.

4. Nas Vs. Everybody

The early 2000s were a dark time for Nas: His mother’s passing, less-than-stellar reviews of recent albums and a public feud with Jay-Z had the Queens rapper ready for war. And that’s exactly the vibe Nas gave off during a heated convo on New York radio. The rapper bashed Jay-Z, Noreaga, Cam’ron, Nelly and the entire game. We’ve never seen the typically reserved Nas act out like this and may never see it again.

5. Beanie Sigel Makes A Call To Gillie The Kid

Philly rappers Beanie Sigel and Gillie are known as two guys unafraid to stand their ground. So when Beans called radio to address Gillie about crew beef that had been brewing for some time, things quickly turned into a shouting match. Years later, both men have moved on: Beans still throwing out music here and there, and Gillie making his stamp on podcasting, but for a moment in time, things looked like it could get very real between the two camps.

6. Joe Budden Gets Tired Of The Migos

Joe Budden has said time and time again that he hates interviews, and he hates interviewing artists. So when he and the rest of the Everyday Struggle crew sat down with The Migos at The BET Awards in LA, it didn’t take long for things to go bad. From awkward conversations, to Joe Budden storming off mid-interview and a challenge by The Migos on the red carpet, the whole thing was a mess from the start. The Migos later dropped a diss track against Buddens, who later went on to say he’s got nothing but love for the guys.

7. Birdman Tells The Breakfast Club to Put Some Respect His Name

Birdman may hold the record for shortest interview of all time. The day he marched up to The Breakfast Club with his entourage, he had one thing on his mind: Setting DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne the God straight. In what has now become meme legend, Birdman told the trio he hears everything, and they’d be well advised to “Put Some Respeck” on his name.

8. Cam’ron and Jim Jones Call Mase & Things Get Ugly

In 2004, Cam’ron was the head of one Hip-Hop’s biggest movements. The Diplomats had a firm place in the culture: Their music and fashion set trends, making them young legends. Despite all this, Cam still felt a way about his former friend Mase, recalling “shady” business deals and personal matters he felt the ex-Bad Boy rapper handled poorly. Not one to bite his tongue, his phone convo with Mase was broadcast for all to hear, and Jim Jones joined in to add fuel to the fire.

9. 50 Cent And Cam’ron Trade Words During Interview

Be clear: 50 Cent was trolling before it was really a thing. But during an on-air conversation with Cam’ron, he did his best to keep it strictly business as Cam called him out after hearing that 50 Cent had the power to stop his music. The two went back and forth, and from this short call, a longstanding beef was born. 

10. Onyx Member Threatens to “Slam” Charlamagne

Onyx rapper Fredro Starr probably didn’t expect to get hassled by Charlamagne when he and his crew appeared on The Breakfast Club for Throwback Thursday. After all, the segment was meant to highlight OG’s of the game – but Charlamagne is gonna Charlamagne at all times. To be fair, Fredro tried to keep his cool, but lost it after Charla brought up a comment he’d made about singer former Moesha co-star Brandy. Still poking the bear, Charlamagne gave Fredro “Donkey of the Day” the very next morning.

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