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Concept of creating Ai generated art

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) art has become increasingly popular this year as more mobile apps allow users to create their own digital images. Apps like Lensa, Midjourney and Prequel create images from text descriptions and photos, which has subsequently caused fans to obsessively share their own AI creations. Read more about the trouble this is creating within the art community and see the AI art some fans are sharing online.

People were once terrified of what might come of AI apps like Lensa, but it seems like the new trend has caused many social media users to cave in. Now, hundreds of fans are uploading their photos on the apps and sharing with their followers online. Many of the AI photos showcase an anime, cartoony version of each individual. While other AI photos showcase people in different spaces throughout time from the colonial era to the great hippie time of the 1970’s.

Users are forfeiting their rights to the images they have since uploaded to create the AI version of themselves. They are also paying at least $3 to download these fake images.

The most terrifying part of this new technology is that these images look extremely authentic. Many users are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate the real from the fake when it comes to AI technology. Some people fear that this will only expand the likeliness for misinformation to spread more than it already has with social media’s advances.

It’s scary but satisfying to most users as they continue to go down the AI art rabbit hole. What does this mean for the artists, who have created their entire existence on their artwork? It means that everyone will become a self-proclaimed artist and the need for those, who have studied and practiced for hours on end, will be erased. Yikes!

We are curious to read your thoughts on AI art. Comment what you think about the new AI art trend.

Check out some of the fan AI art posted online below:

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