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Mike Pence
and Kamala Harris took part in the U.S. Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City Wednesday night. Harris started the debate pressing Pence on the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus. Pence looked as if he was nursing an eye injury and dodged everything on the debate stage, except a little fly who decided to take a rest on his head for a few minutes.

Overall both Pence and Harris kept their cool and represented their respective corners admirably. This was the only vice-presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle.

Check out all the photos from the debate.



Flies, Plexiglass & Pink Eye: All The Photos From The 2020 VP Debate  was originally published on

1. Mike Pence With A Fly On His Head

Mike Pence With A Fly On His Head Source:Getty

It’s unclear what kind of metaphor God was going for here when a fly landed on Pence’s head — and sat there for quite a while — during the debate. 

Either way, it was a weird moment that provided some levity during a serious debate that was owned by Kamala Harris.

2. Killing ’em with kindness

Killing 'em with kindness Source:Getty

Kamala Harris continued the civil precedent set by her running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Bide, during is debate against Donald Trump one week earlier. The senator from California charmed with her kindness before pivoting for the Trump administration’s jugular and going in for the kill against Pence, who was largely rendered ineffective in the face of Harris’ facts.

3. Nah

Nah Source:Getty

Pence tried. He really did. But ultimately the truth prevailed — a truth that includes his leadership of the coronavirus task force that has resulted in minor than 210,000 Americans dying from an illness that Trump downplayed as a hoax before ultimately contracting it himself.

4. Moderator comes under fire

Moderator comes under fire Source:Getty

Moderator Susan Page, Washington bureau chief for USA Today, was criticized on social media for interrupting Harris multiple times while allowing Pence to interrupt without consequence.

5. Facts only

Facts only Source:Getty

Harris came armed with irrefutable facts even as Pence tried his best spin move to no avail when he and his boss Trump were called out for steering the country down the toilet bowl.

6. Side-eyes galore

Side-eyes galore Source:Getty

Harris’ priceless facial expressions in the face of lies won the debate far before she officially did.

7. Talk to the hand

Talk to the hand Source:Getty

No caption needed.

8. He tried

He tried Source:Getty

Pence was exponentially more civil than Trump was debating Joe Biden, but he was still spewing lies just like his boss. Both were promptly called out by each Democrat, and Harris absolutely owned Pence.

9. Plexiglass

Plexiglass Source:Getty

Each candidate was separated by plexiglass, a precaution put int place after Trump tested positive for the coronavirus and possibly infected his inner circle, including Pence, who during the debate seemed to be showing off a pink eye — one of the symptoms of COVID-19.

10. Kamala’s prosecutorial presence

Kamala's prosecutorial presence Source:Getty

Harris all but litigated the Trump administration’s failures to the point that Pence had to resort to his boss’ familiar lies. Here she is taking notes so she can effectively pull all the receipts out at once.

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