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If you are an anime lover, you 100% know what Otaku Day is and if you are new to the anime community, you probably have seen the hashtag #HappyWorldOtakuDay trending and want to know what it is. So here it is!

Otaku Day is a day for weebs, or for non-Japanese people who are very seriously into anime, other related genres or the Japanese culture as a whole.

As well said by the Anime Network “International Otaku Day was founded by Sol Lee and is a day for anime fans to celebrate their otaku lifestyle. Although many fans are an otaku at heart and live this on a daily basis, Otaku Day gives them an opportunity to share their love and passion for all things anime, manga and video games with the global community.”

World Otaku Day is typically celebrated every year on December 15th.

Here are a list of animes that you must watch!


Top 10 Animes You Must Watch #HappyWorldOtakuDay  was originally published on

1. Naruto

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

3. Demon Slayer

4. Vinland Saga

5. Cowboy Bebop

6. Assassination Classroom

7. Soul Eater

8. My Hero Academia

9. Konosuba

10. Charlotte

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