The Morning Hustle

Directors Gelila Bekele & Armani Ortiz share behind the scene details of Maxine's Baby: A Tyler Perry Story!

Tyler Perry is doing his part to make sure a murderer is captured.  The filmmaker wants to ensure Josiah “Jonty” Robinson’s killer is caught, so he’s offering up $100,000 to anyone with information on the case that leads to a conviction. According to The New Today, a source within the Royal Grenada Police revealed that […]

Tyler Perry is having conversations with Paramount Global about the purchase of a majority stake in BET Media Group.

Tyler Perry has finally responded to the mean tweets surrounding the bad wig choices on his hit BET drama series, "Sistas," telling fans, "I don't know how to do hair."

President Joe Biden is getting some help to fulfill his pledge to get 100,000,000 million American's vaccinated against COVID-19, and it's none other than Tyler Perry.

Perry's earned more than $1.4 billion in Hollywood and Forbes estimates he's worth around $1 billion.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to live their coziest best lives in the United States. Their newest residence is an Airbnb on steroids