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Looks like Kanye West might be keeping things a little too funky for his current wife, Bianca Censori, and we’re not talking about his attitude.

According to RadarOnline, Bianca Censori seems to have an issue with Kanye West’s personal hygiene. The “Black Skinhead” rapper’s body odor is becoming a problem for her sensitive olfactory receptors, which let her brain know, “this foo kickin!” While she may not have a problem with it during the winter season, the summer months have proven to be an issue as Kanye’s been walking around with extra layers of clothing for a few reasons.

RadarOnline reports:

“He wears these outfits partly because he genuinely believes they showcase his fashion genius and forward-thinking,” said a source. “But it’s also to cover him having gained a little weight.”

Another source added, “It’s a serious stench when the layers come off and he’s dripping in sweat head to toe — especially as he’s not big on showering — and poor Bianca’s nostrils are on the receiving end.”

The funky Yeezy mogul, 46, was recently seen in Italy covered in a head wrap, a double layer of shirts, loose pants, and tight Spandex wraps.

“He’s got to be cooking under those layers,” blabbed another source. “His BO is something awful since he rarely uses deodorant.”

Kanye’s body odor is just more proof that global warming is getting out of control, b.

Though Censori put up with the funk in the beginning of the relationship, it seems like it’s just getting on her nerves at this point. Don’t be surprised if she cuts her losses and jumps ship a la Kim Kardashian who also noticed her ex-hubby’s distinct smell.

“In the beginning, Kanye’s mode of dressing was an enigma. Now it’s just a stink,” a source told the National Enquirer, who added West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian didn’t like it either. “Kim got used to the smell — but only after years of torture.”

Maybe Kanye should give up the fashion side of things and invest in Yeezy deodorant for the Biblical man or something. Just sayin’.

What do y’all think? Sound off in the comments section below.

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