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The new age of streaming is an adjustment for many industries, including the music industry. Some artists like The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and Olivia Rodrigo found their streaming groove. A new study has revealed the potential revenue earned from Spotify streams for 2023’s top albums so far. Read more inside.

The music industry experts at Music Industry How To have analyzed Spotify streaming data to rank the top-performing albums of 2023 so far by revenue earned. To note: the albums analyzed may not have been released this year, but they are the top performing so far this year. Revenue earned was calculated by multiplying streams from each song in an album by the average payment per stream (approximately $0.004).

Topping both the national charts currently, as well as this list for total streams, taking first place with over 23 billion Spotify streams and earning over $9.2 million ($9,228,499 potentially) from streams, is the 2021 release, The Highlights by The Weekend. The most streamed song from the album, Blinding Lights (originally released as a 2019 single) has earned roughly $1,468,012 with over 3.6 billion Spotify streams.

Second place goes to Ed Sheeran’s 2017 album ÷ (Divide). Divide has accumulated over 13 billion Spotify streams, equating to almost $5 million ($5,389,556 potentially). The top-streamed song from the album, Shape of You, has earned potentially $1,416,179 from the over 3.5 billion Spotify streams it has racked up.

Curtain Call 2 by Eminemtakes the third spot, released in 2022, Curtain Call 2 is third on this list for total steams, earning over $4.5 million ($4,503,696 potentially) from the album’s 11 billion Spotify streams. Originally released in 2010, Love The Way You Lie, featuring Rihanna, is the most streamed song included on the album, earning potentially $488,554 from the over 1.2 billion Spotify streams racked up.

Eminem also takes fourth place with his 2005 release Curtain Call – The Hitsdespite being almost two decades old, this album has seen a resurgence in the charts, currently sitting at seventh in the national charts. This album has racked up over 10 billion Spotify streams, equating to over $4.1 million ($4,112,797 potentially). The top-streamed song from the album, Lose Yourself, originally released as a 2002 single, has earned roughly $724,233 from over 1.8 billion Spotify streams.

Queen takes fifth place with their 1981 compilation album release Greatest Hits. Despite being over four decades old, the album has seen a recent resurgence and is currently sitting within the top 20 on the national charts. With a little over 10 billion Spotify streams, Queen have earned almost $4.1 million ($4,097,906 potentially). Initially released within their 1975 album A Night at the Opera, Bohemian Rhapsody is the top-streamed song from the album, earning roughly $871,854 from over 2.1 billion Spotify streams.

In sixth place is Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 album Sour. With almost 10 billion Spotify streams, this album has earned nearly $4 million ($3,954,628 potentially) and is set to grow in streams after Rodrigo announced her sophomore album.

The remainder of the top ten features the 2017 release Diamonds by Elton John in seventh place. The greatest hits compilation album has earned potentially $3,632,250 from Spotify streams. Eighth place goes to the 2013 release, AM by Arctic Monkeys, earning potentially $2,816,270 from Spotify streams.

Harry Styles’ 2022 album Harry’s House is in ninth place, currently earning potentially $2,342,310 from Spotify streams as Harry Styles recently ended his latest tour of the album, titled Love on Tour. Lewis Capaldi’s 2019 album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent is rounding out the list in tenth place, earning $2,243,310 potentially from Spotify streams.

Interestingly, if an artist were to have an album in the top ten, they could expect an average earning of potentially $4.2 million from the roughly 10.5 billion Spotify streams.

Check out the full chart below:

Rank Album Artist Spotify Streams Approx. PotentialStreamingRoyalties Current Chart Position
1 The Highlights The Weeknd 23,071,248,670 $9,228,499 1
2 Divide Ed Sheeran 13,473,890,532 $5,389,556 8
3 Curtain Call 2 Eminem 11,259,239,478 $4,503,696 31
4 Curtain Call – The Hits Eminem 10,281,991,816 $4,112,797 7
5 Greatest Hits Queen 10,244,765,469 $4,097,906 17
6 Sour Olivia Rodrigo 9,886,569,007 $3,954,628 20
7 Diamonds Elton John 9,080,624,806 $3,632,250 5
8 AM Arctic Monkeys 7,040,675,743 $2,816,270 11
9 Harry’s House Harry Styles 5,855,775,082 $2,342,310 3
10 Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent Lewis Capaldi 5,607,653,670 $2,243,061 10

This study was conducted by music industry experts via Music Industry How To.

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