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There’s nothing better than keeping your beauty game together — from head to toe. The right beauty products can simplify your routine, give your melanin-rich skin a radiant appearance, and boost your confidence so you can power through the day. After all, when you look good, you feel good and perform better.

Since fall is officially upon us, some beauty mavens prefer to focus on skincare and body care products to stave off the effects of chilly temps. Conversely, others prefer to toss out old makeup in favor of nourishing essentials. However, covering all the bases is essential to keep your beauty game on point through the season and beyond.

Cruising through the virtual aisles is enough to make anybody’s head spin — from choosing from a ton of moisturizing hair masks to locking down the right brow lift formula. It is vital to decipher an A1 product from overly-hyped fluff.

Here are HelloBeautiful, we’re always on the pulse of the latest creations in the beauty world. And while some of these beauty products are old and new, we can’t stop obsessing over them. So, it’s only right we keep you in the loop so you can take your beauty game to the next level.

Luckily, I’ve done the work — and fellow editors — for you to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. So, if you’re ready to add new beauty products to your lineup, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 12 beauty products spanning the body care, haircare, makeup, and skincare lanes to elevate your day-to-day. That said, you already know the drill. Stretch your fingers, get a credit card handy, secure a Wi-Fi connection, and prepare to shop until your fingers drop. Happy Shopping!

All products have been independently selected by our editors. Please note: we may receive an affiliate commission for products and services purchased through our website.

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1. AMI COLĒ Skin-Enhancing Tint

AMI COLĒ Skin-Enhancing Tint Source:Courtesy of AMI COLĒ

Let’s get into skin! Many beauty mavens are leaving foundation formulas behind in favor of breathable options sans the heavy feel. And, of course, AMI COLĒ Skin-Enhancing Tint ($32, is at the top of the list. Made with baobab seed extract, hibiscus extract, and pumpkin seed extract, this lightweight tinted moisturizer hydrates, nourishes, and soothes skin like no other. It also provides a “your skin, but better look” with a natural glow for a flawless finish. Plus, it’s available in six shades that complement the undertones of melanin-rich skin.

2. Ancient Cosmetics Tropical Pineapple Body Oil

Ancient Cosmetics Tropical Pineapple Body Oil Source:Courtesy of Ancient Cosmetics

Soft and supple skin is always on the menu! Ancient Cosmetics Tropical Pineapple Body Oil ($9.99, can be described as the cherry on top of a nourishing bath routine. This number features a mix of safflower, grapeseed, jojoba, and vitamin E oil that work together to lock in moisture and give your skin — from neck to toe — a radiant glow. Plus, you can expect its fruity scent to linger from day to night.

3. Dosso Beauty Rice Water Braid Spray

Dosso Beauty Rice Water Braid Spray Source:Courtesy of Dosso Beauty

Protective styles won’t do their job unless you take the steps to care for your hair underneath. This is where the Dosso Beauty Rice Water Braid Spray ($10, comes into play. The spray is chock full of amino acids and vitamins that help boost your strands with moisture, keep breakage at bay, and promote a shiny and strong head of hair. Plus, this essential can be used with locs and twists.

4. Black Girl Sunscreen Make It Spice Limited Edition

Black Girl Sunscreen Make It Spice Limited Edition Source:Courtesy of Black Girl Sunscreen

Sun protection is an absolute must year-round. Black Girl Sunscreen is one of our favorites for shielding skin from harmful sun rays sans the white cast. Now the brand has upped the ante with the Black Girl Sunscreen Make It Spice Limited Edition duo set ($21.99, with an SPF lotion and body spray that includes pumpkin spice extract into the mix for the fall. Aside from offering sun protection, this duo brightens, firms, soothes, and locks in moisture for healthy-looking skin.

5. Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Metals

Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Metals Source:Courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty

Regarding the makeup game, multifunctional products are always on our radar. You get more bang for your buck while limiting the items in your makeup bag. Our latest obsession is Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Colorfix Metals ($20, This pick is a new formulation based on the fan-favorite Colorfix cream and offers six long-wearing waterproof cream pigments that boast highly reflective metal shades. Beauty lovers can use this number in endless ways, including the eyes, cheeks, lips, and more. 

6. The Original UnBraider by Glamour Designs

The Original UnBraider by Glamour Designs Source:Courtesy of The Original UnBraider

The takedown braid process can be time-consuming, especially if you have a long style. Depending on the style and length, the process can take 30 minutes to a few hours. Instead of spending most of your day tending to the takedown process, The Original UnBraider ($25, ( comes in handy to cut your time in half. The braid comb features two sides — long and short comb teeth — that work like magic to take down multiple braids at once in a brushing motion.

7. Physicians Formula Butter Brazilian Brow Lift

Physicians Formula Butter Brazilian Brow Lift Source:Courtesy of Physicians Formula

One of the most sought-after beauty goals is to achieve full and feathered brows. Some people are partial to brow lamination due to its long-lasting effects. However, if spending $100 on average for brow lamination every four to six weeks is not feasible, there are other alternatives for brow upkeep. Enter: The Physicians Formula Butter Brazilian Brow Lift ($12.49,

This budget-friendly offering features keratin and the brand’s exclusive Butter Blend that comes in major clutch to lift, tame, and sculpt every brow hair in place. As a result, you’ll score full-looking brows that rival traditional brow lamination. 

8. Ara By Essence Natural Enzyme Mask

Ara By Essence Natural Enzyme Mask Source:Courtesy of Ara By Essence

No matter how much makeup you strategically apply to your face, you must maintain a solid skincare routine to achieve a flawless look. Although standard practice is to incorporate a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, and sunscreen product into the mix, it pays to go a bit further. Ara By Essence’s Natural Enzyme Mask ($22.50, is a fabulous find that goes the extra mile in the exfoliation process. Featuring a pineapple and papaya fruit enzyme formula, this pick removes dead skin cells and brightens skin to deliver an even skin tone.


9. John Masters Organics Nourishing Hair Mask with Rose and Apricot

John Masters Organics Nourishing Hair Mask with Rose and Apricot Source:Courtesy of John Masters Organics

Hydration is the name of the game for healthy skin and hair. So, if you’re focused on the latter, it may be worth adding the John Masters Organics Nourishing Hair Mask with Rose & Apricot ($32, to your haircare lineup. This essential sets the standard for balancing moisture levels, repairing split ends, and cleansing the scalp perfectly. Best of all, this staple is suitable for all hair types.

10. Vaseline Radiant X

Vaseline Radiant X Source:Courtesy of Vaseline

Now that the chilly weather season is officially in full swing, getting your body care routine in order is crucial. Cult-favorite brand Vaseline has answered the call for nourishing products with its Vaseline Radiant X line. The lineup includes an Even Tone Nourishing Body LotionDeep Nourishment Hand ButterDeep Nourishment Body Cream, and a Replenishing Hydrating Body Oil that’s formulated to soothe, hydrate, and nourish from neck to toe. The brand utilizes ultra-hydrating lipids that work to restore our skin with a fat that replenishes skin with moisture (ceramides), protects the skin barrier, and gives melanin-rich skin a boost in radiance. 


11. SheDavi Iconic Hair Growth Duo

SheDavi Iconic Hair Growth Duo Source:Courtesy of SheDavi

Long, healthy hair, do care! If you’re ready to switch things up with your hair growth journey, it’s time to get the job done from the inside out and vice versa with a holistic approach. SheDavi Iconic Hair Growth Duo ($65, features the brand’s Hair + Scalp Elixir and a bottle of Hair + Skin + Nails Herbal Vitamins. The elixir is formulated with a blend of 21 plant oils and extracts that help to enhance hair health and retention. The vitamins feature a mix of 20 herbs and actives, including Biotin, that help tackle issues impacting hair health. 

12. SHEGLAM Vinyl Pop Color Palettes

SHEGLAM Vinyl Pop Color Palettes Source:Courtesy of SHEGLAM

If you stay abreast of beauty trends, you likely know that multiple Y2K trends have resurfaced —from frosted eyeshadow to the return of the claw clip. If you’re partial to reliving some of the makeup trends from your youth, it may be time to look at the SHEGLAM Vinyl Pop Color Palettes ($7.49+, These three palettes feature a mix of highly pigmented creams, metallics, and mattes that aid in creating a vintage-meets-modern makeup aesthetic. 

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