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Lil Wayne sits at the top of hip-hop with a rare breed of emcees that regularly get boxed into the Best Rapper Alive conversation. Some might even argue that he’s the one to give the never-ending debate its legs based on the title of his classic Tha Carter II album cut.

Weezy himself has spoke on the subject from his own personal view, usually answering the question by broadening it slightly to include a Top 5 list of rappers. His recent answer to the question on an episode of What’s Wright? with Night Wright reminded a lot of rap fans just how much of a student Wayne is to the craft.



His selections include the following hip-hop pioneers in order from 1 to 5: Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Goodie Mob as a collective, and finally UGK.  Wayne surprised a few with his top spot, not only due to it being an extremely multitalented Black woman but also given their different rap personas. “[Missy] was a huge influence on everything I’ve done,” he said to Wright, which definitely makes more sense if you take a minute comparing tracks like “Hot Boyz” to “I Need A Hot Girl” or even “Fireman.” Hova at number 2 is more of a given, both for their last name association and the fact that Wayne’s come-up happened at the peak of Jay-Z’s own rise to king status with projects like The Black Album, Roc La Familia and The Blueprint series. Giving props to late rap kings like Biggie and UGK is always respectable, and choosing the entire Goodie Mob as one actually gets a pass when you take the time to understand the context.



As expected, social media had a field day decoding Weezy’s latest top 5 rappers picks. To the “6 Foot 7 Foot” emcee’s favor, his list received near-universal praise. Take a look below to see what many had to say, including Missy Elliott herself:



Lil Wayne’s Top 5 Rappers List Gets Praise For Homage To Missy, Jay-Z & Others  was originally published on

1. Whenever @LilTunechi says my name in his interviews twitter don’t have enough space for me tosay my GRATEFULNESS because he is a LEGEND himself who birthed many emcees after him🙌🏾& as a man to acknowledge me as a big influence 4 him I send you love WAYNE💜

via @MissyElliott

2. Lil Wayne has Goodie Mob & UGK in his top 5 & that resonates with me strongly

via @LLCoolJalen

3. Why do I love the fact Lil Wayne’s top 5 favorite artist includes Missy Elliott and UGK 🫶

via @LilNikiLeigh

4. Love to see @MissyElliott getting her flowers yet again from Wayne 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

via @JonoMGreaves

5. Big respect to Wayne for that list. Goodie Mob, UGK, and Missy! I’m pretty sure it’s lost on this generation how original she was.

via @FreeTimexWatch

6. Going through all these Jay-Z tracks. Can’t nobody fuk with him. But soon as I go through all Lil Wayne tracks I’ma say the same thing. Both are GOATs period.


7. That’s a really good top 5… glad it’s not the same boring predictable list

via @sodadecounty

8. weezy and his funny ass top 5 lmao but i love the Jigga and Biggie shout outs and im gonna post this everytime lil wayne fans keep forgetting that he calls jigga his GOAT lol

via @GAGEmusicx

9. I respect Wayne’s top 5 cause he ain’t sticking to the stereotypical list

via @southsideshaine

10. ima always have a soft spot for wayne, but his top 5 really solidified that 🔥🔥

via @NappyHeadedFro

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